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Website Support Services

Website Support Services

This is one of the value add services provided by Serpslogic™ that came into effect foreseeing the genuine utility of this offering by our core team. In the current global scenario Online Customer Relationship Management is of paramount importance and cannot be ignored. We are currently targeting small & medium size businesses/websites and come up with some robust plans that will definitely maximize the benefit s of our SEO consulting. Your business will have an added advantage of world class sales support/customer service without straining your budgets. Let us take care of your online support functions while you focus on your core competencies.

Our Services Range

We are currently trying to focus (not limited to) on the following range:
  1. Website Customer Support: Responding to various customer care related queries on an agreed service level. With our dedicated support staffs our services can very well help you offering these services 24/7.

  2. Website Technical Support: We are developing a talent pool that would collaborate with your team in order to gain an extensive knowledge that will be required to answer technical queries that may include troubleshooting as well.

  3. Webmaster Services: Our webmaster services include handling account related queries from your end-customer, editing HTML content, correcting bugs on web pages, monitoring traffic, Adding/modifying contact of the websites (Keeping SEO aspect in mind), manage link exchange programs, Managing Newsroom etc. Depending upon the size and service offerings of your website you may avail benefits of our daily, weekly & monthly plans or as and when need. It will in fact hold the key in carrying a good impression forward and in turn ensure a lasting relationship with your customers.

How will it add value to your business?

Please have a quick look at the following points:
  • Penetration percentage of www (world wide web) has grown exponentially in this decade and is expected to continue at even more rapid rate. With increased accessibility of personal computers, Laptops, Handhelds devices it has been notice that the e-mail and chat have become very popular modes of communication. They always prefer to leave a line or two than to pick up the phone. Apparently a good turnaround time with the optimum quality response becomes the key and even helps earn your business very good reputation.

  • Support through e-mail & chat is undoubtedly is a very cost effective solution even on the technological front. This means maximum advantage with minimum resources and with lesser engagement too. It is like providing your customers a few options to choose from that would yield desired results and in a way support them on their terms.

  • Our support experts will be actively involved in building a knowledge base for your business and in turn drive process improvement to make it more cost effective, secure and of excellent quality. And our response will not be devoid of personal touch unless not needed.

To receive more information on our Online Support Services or to receive a custom quote, please Contact Us.
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