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SEO Copywriting

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is the process of developing keyword rich contents that are most relevant to the topic keeping in mind their proper placement and density and at the same time not tampering with the engagement quotient. Effective SEO copywriting achieves two goals. Firstly, it creates persuasive, informative content for the web site visitors, making a good first impression and secondly, it helps the pages rank higher in organic search listings.

Why SEO Copywriting?

"Content is the king." This is as much true for various websites as it is "Cash is king" for businesses overall in this economic scenario. The concept of SEO copywriting emerges from this very fact of squeezing maximum out of a website. It has been observed that the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN etc, are continuously coming up with smarter algorithms. This has enhanced their intelligence many folds. In other words their searches are so very fine that they are able to distinguish between a gem and a stone in terms of the original content. Hence, the good news is that, if your website is genuinely the best in content on the selected topic, the search engines will pick it up and show it on top. There is no bias here. SEO copywriting helps in developing keyword rich content while ensuring that it doesn’t lose the aesthetics, persuasiveness and the very essence of the websites.

Why Serpslogic’s SEO Copywriting Services?

We at Serpslogic™ help you in putting together search engine friendly contents for your website for it to be ranked higher in search results. We have a team of talented copywriters possessing relevant experience and are well equipped to handle even difficult assignments with great finesse. Our specialization in keyword-driven content development for search engine optimization has enabled us to meet custom requirements in some of the fields as mentioned below:
  • Developing SEO friendly web-content
  • Press releases and Articles
  • Business proposals and sales
  • Corporate profiles
  • Blogs (Personal, Corporate etc.)
  • Developing user guides for products
The above list is not all inclusive though. We are able to work with you in any relevant fields and subsequently help you in achieving desired results.

Our SEO Copywriting Methodology

Having effective and compelling content is most important aspect in building a well optimized site. Other SEO techniques may turn out to be of no avail unless a website has an impressive content. Given below are the highlights of our SEO copywriting methodology:
  • Finding the right keywords: - Our expert SEO consultant team does the keyword research for you using multiple advanced tools to generate keyword ideas for your business.
  • Using right keywords in Title tags, description tags, keywords tags, hyperlinks and headings of the page
  • Page Content writing: - One very important thing to consider while writing content is the keyword density, pages must not look like stuffed with keywords. Generally we consider 4% to 5% as standard keyword density; however it might vary depending upon the nature of writing.
Whether you plan to launch a new web site or need to revamp an existing one, our SEO copywriting services can help you make it more relevant for visitors as well as search engines. contact us today for more details, or simply drop us a call back request using the quick contact form on the right side.
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