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SEO Consulting

SEO Consulting Services

Serpslogic™ provides search engine optimization consulting to help clients' in house SEO team to achieve results faster with the help of our experienced SEO consultants. It is similar to our SEO training course however, in this service we only tell you what needs to be done to bring your web site up in the rankings. We do not disclose the SEO methodology behind this as to how our SEO consultants team forms the best strategy for you web site. We only share the results of our research and analysis process without getting into the details. We prepare a roadmap for the SEO plan for your web site and the onus of implementing that lies with your technical team.

Our seo consulting services in this area can be best suited to people with elementary acquaintance with the SEO process already. They can take more advantage of this service, since they can implement the optimization plan more effectively. Hence, it is going to be more affordable to your business even when the benefits are many times greater.

Also, there are many companies who have already tried implementing SEO techniques, however, have not got success as they lacked in their strategies. This highlights the importance of having the right kind of strategy in place. Our SEO consulting service is perfect for them. We will review their SEO strategy and identify the adjustments that need to be made for it to be most effective. You tell our expert SEO consultants what you exactly want to achieve from your web site and they will formulate a custom SEO plan to achieve your business goals.

SEO Consulting Methodology

We provide SEO consulting through emails, live chats and telephone. For businesses located within 10 KMs area, we are open to give visits, if needed. Our SEO consulting methodology involves following steps:
  • An initial SEO consultation about your business goals, and your existing SEM strategy and efforts
  • Current website analysis and identifying its strength and weaknesses
  • Detailed keyword research to identify the primary/secondary keywords
  • Your competition analysis and estimate of time to attain goals
  • Geo-targeting strategy formulation, if applies
  • Initiating the implementation, checking for obstacles and provide guidance
  • Revising website structure to highlight the intended areas while ensuring that important pages are linked effective to rest of the website.
  • Images, Video and URL optimization
  • Revising content (Keywords centric) for landing pages to increase their ranking potential
  • Supplemental content addition for boosting landing pages and secondary keywords
  • Meta-tags addition
  • Verifying site accessibility and usability
  • Verifying keywords usage throughout the website
  • Verifying code for SEO compliance
  • Recommendations on generating valuable links and improving online reputation.
  • Regular analysis of implementation status and provide feedback and input wherever necessary
  • Follow up throughout the project, tweaking optimization strategy, if needed.

Serpslogic™ is a full scale SEO consulting firm, able to help you with every aspect of your online business; be it developing a robust web site in the first place or improving existing web-infrastructure and enabling your online business to reign over your competition. Our expert SEO consultants are available to discuss your unique requirements and offer you customized SEO consulting solutions.

For more information about our SEO consulting services or exploring other options for your business needs, Contact us today!

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