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Article marketing is one of the oldest and most effective means of increasing your link popularity and thus online traffic. It’s about letting people know about your product or service in a more organized way. It’s certainly more than just writing an article and publishing it online. Wikipedia defines Article Marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles related to their respective industry. These articles are made available for distribution and publication in the marketplace.

How to go about it? – The first step would be to write a content rich article worth reading. It must contain your targeted keywords while maintaining the nature flow and spontaneity. The keywords shall provide link backs to relevant pages on your web site. The next step is to submit your article to various Article directories and ezines on the Internet. You need to do some research for finding trusted seed article directories worth submitting your work. It’s advisable to read the submission guidelines before submitting to a web site. There is no place for grammatical & structure related mistakes. An Article must be submitted to the relevant category. Some web sites allow links in the body of the article and some other do not, so be ready with an HTML version along with the text version. Even for web sites not allowing links in the body, you can always use the footer copyright info / Author bio section. You always have an option to put your product or service info there. Also some of the web sites take 2-3 days to review the submission while some other might take 10-15 days, so meanwhile you need to keep checking the submission status. That is since in case your write-up is rejected at a web site, you can still resubmit it with corrections.

Tips for effective Article Marketing:

  1. Do lots of research to know what information your potential clients are looking for, and then present the same in an easy to comprehend manner.
  2. Write on variety of topics and for different types of readers.
  3. Pay special attention to the title. It has to be attractive and rich in keywords.
  4. Optimize the article for your primary keywords.
  5. Proof read your write-up. Ask your friends, colleagues for sincere opinions.
  6. Provide back-links using appropriate keywords.
  7. Write not to impress but to communicate.
  8. Publish your work on quality web sites where you can get targeted audience.
  9. Recently Google declared that link from different website having duplicate content will be devalued, so you must watch out for it.
  10. Try avoiding automated article submission using software.

Article marketing provides quality inbound links, which are counted best for increasing link-popularity and online traffic and with all the information provided above, you are just ready to start it!

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