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Blog Development, and Blog Promotion Services

  • We develop and maintain on-site Blogs using open source blog services
  • We create and maintain external blogs using Blog services such as Wordpress etc.
  • Weekly – 500 words Blog posting – Written and promoted on your behalf
  • All content is keyword oriented, SEOed and highly linkable
  • Tagging on social bookmarking websites such as Digg and Stumbleupon
  • Maximum exposure by registering at sites such as Technorati
  • Permanent anchored textual links to your website
  • Increased online visibility for your website and traffic boost.

Blog Development

Our blog creation service lets you use our professional expertise in creating and maintaining a personal and/or professional blog for you and/or your business.
It’s well known that search engines love unique and updated content and it’s highly important in getting listing in Google search results. However updating website for new content on regular basis could be daunting task and not everyone has the expertise to do it himself. That’s exactly where having a blog on your website can help you. It provides you with a means of adding updated content on your website, promoting your product/service, distributing news related to your business, taking opinions and feedbacks from your clients and much more.

Our Blog creation service can help you develop an on-site blog as well create an external one on your behalf on famous blog services of your choice. Among external blog services we recommend Wordpress, TypePad, Blogger, and Squarespace in the same order.

Blog Creation Pricing

Blog Development On-site Opensource CMS integration Existing Template $300
Blog Development On-site Opensource CMS integration Custom Design $500
Blog Development External Opensource Blog Services e.g. WordPress, Blogger etc. Template Design $100

Blog Marketing & Promotion

Every week, we will write 1 informative, interesting, SEOed article that appeals to your niche market.
We will write about topics that you want us to and post the one’s that you approve. We have a team of SEO-copywriters who are able to do the job your satisfaction. We won’t just stop there; we will market your blog using RSS feeds, social media sites and various other blog promotion activities.

We will ensure that your Blog content is highly linkable and potential visitors tend to link to it naturally. In addition, you will be able to promote your internal pages via anchored keyword links in each post. We will also keep a check on user’s comments, comments approval and guest post requests. In short, we will take the entire onus of planning, creating, maintaining and promoting your blog.

Blog Marketing & Promotion Pricing

Blog Marketing & Promotion 1 Weekly Post $150
Blog Marketing & Promotion 2 Weekly Post $250
Blog Marketing & Promotion 3 Weekly Post $325

10 Reasons to have a Blog

  1. Blogs provide a means of adding content
  2. Blogs increase search engine visit frequency
  3. Promote your product and service
  4. Talk to customers and ask for opinions
  5. Blogging does not require expert technical skills
  6. Blogs get lots of traffic from sources other than search engines
  7. Broadcast news about new happenings and events
  8. Quality content publishing makes your online reputation stronger
  9. Boost your search engine rankings
  10. Blogs can get you steady stream of targeted traffic

For more information about our Blog Marketing & Promotion Services or exploring other options for your business needs, Contact us today!

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