Things you need to know about ballroom dance

Ballroom dance is interesting dance in which couples dance around the floor and during this dance they have to maintain their strong and firm posture. It is considered as one of classy dance and it is always performed in couple. So we can say that it is interesting couple dance. If you are keen to learn this dance then you can get registered in any dance studio in Dubai. But before learning this dance, you must have knowledge about this dance style. You can not learn it properly if you have less information about this dance. 


The word ballroom was derived from Latin word “Ballare” and it was firstly introduced in 1588. And it was introduced as symbol of royalty and still dancers have to maintain their posture of pride and royalty. 

Dance steps of ballroom dance:

It is considered as dependent dance style because it can not be performed by single person. This dance style consists of three basic steps. You can see the detail of dance steps below.


In this step, smooth and progressive movements are taken in this and continuous flowing movements are done in this. 


This dance step is done in closed position and it is performed triple times. It is also considered as folk dance. 

Cha Cha Cha:

It is newly introduced style introduced in ballroom dance. This step is performed in triple pattern and foot movement is increased in this step. 

Difficulty level for beginners:

It is not so difficult dance style and anyone can learn it. If you are beginner then you just need to understand its basics and then you will easily learn this dance. If you have good trainer then you will easily learn this dance. 

Dance partner:

As you know that this dance style is performed with partner. It is good that if you have your own dance partner. But if you don’t have dance partner then it will be provided to you in your dance academy. But you should be careful while choosing dance partner for yourself. If you are not comfortable with the dance partner that has been provided to you by dance academy then you can talk with their management and they will change your partner. But you must make sure before getting registered there that their management is cooperative with you.  Visit for further details.

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