Quick Guide to rental dispute settlement

One of the leading industries in Dubai is the real estate market which is facing some major price fluctuation these days. Due to these fluctuations, it is pretty common to see tenants and landlord having some sort of dispute which leads to filing a complaint against each other. People often turn to rental dispute centre Dubai in order to solve their problems simply without getting involved too much.

There are several reasons as to why one would require help from rental dispute centre. There may be finances involved for which they can approach chartered accountant firms in Dubai or rental increase which goes against the law. Tenants and landlord both can file complaints against each other but it’s better to seek help from rental dispute centre as they try their best to find a middle ground for both sides as smoothly as possible.

The process is pretty simple as you need to submit documents along with the complaint that you have and your problem will be handled within 15 days. For minor cases which doesn’t require a lot of trouble or involvement, 15 days will be their time period and in those days you will have a solution to your problem. Whereas if the problem is a complicated matter a law suit needs to be filed then it will take up to 30 days and the case will be resolved.

Once the case is filed you will be given a time and date to present your case just like any other court case we see. The case will keep on dragging and moved to another date if you don’t have sufficient documents. These cases can sometimes last up to months and years and this is the reason rental dispute centres are present so they can save you from the huge trouble of court. It is highly advised to file a court case only when all the possible means have failed and there is no another direction to turn it. It is not only stressful and time consuming for the tenants in fact landlords themselves suffers as their property would be sealed and they will no longer have the control over it unless the final verdict is heard. Be sure about your each and every step and think thoroughly concluding what is best for you.

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