Some Great Malayalam Movies No One Told You About

Malayalam film industry or Mollywood is the fourth largest of India that is based in Kerala. These films are known to bridge the gap between parallel cinema and mainstream cinema by producing great movies highlighting social issues and practical capability and low budget.

Malayalam films are known for their realistic take and simple touch. Everything from the script to direction and cinematography is great. Their origin took place in the 1920s but they really started to thrive in the late 1940s. They have produced amazing movies that set the bar high and earned them global recognition. Here are some Malayalam movies that you need to watch right now.

Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja:

This movie is an epic historical drama film that is based on the life of a Hindu king and his fight against the British in the 18th century. This thriller throws light on the events that revolved around the Indian struggle for freedom. It is one of the costliest movies and has won many awards. It has also been dubbed in Tamil and Hindi.


This movie is a classic mystery thriller that revolves around the life of a police officer and his mission to protect his family while catching the killer. This movie was a big commercial success at the box office and is the first-ever movie to be released on Netflix. It is also the first movie to be released with English subtitles outside Kerala.


This movie was completed in just 44 days and is one of the best suspense thrillers of all time. It follows the life of Georgekutty and his family after their encounter with Varun. It was very well-received by the audience and was the highest grossing movie of its time. It has won several awards and has been remade in 4 different languages.


This movie is the highest grossing movie to date. The screenplay is good and the acting is amazing. The movie was well-cinematographed and the action sequence is the main highlight of the movie. Its two songs were also nominated for an academy award for the best original song in the 90th academy award.


This is the first Indian movie to be filmed completely in 8K resolution. It revolves around a police officer who is assigned a case of a mysterious killer who has killed 6 people. It was a thriller that was received well by the audience. The acting was phenomenal and the plot was interesting.

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